Huatai Qingdao Office

covering ports including Qingdao, Lianyungang, Lanshan, Rizhao,Weihai,  Qixiakou,  Huangdao, Shidao, etc.

24 Hours Duty Phone: 86 186 5328 9883

Add: Room AB, 9th Floor, No. 9 Building Pacific Plaza, No. 35 Donghai Western Road, Qingdao 266071, China
Tel: 86 532 8502 1883
Fax: 86 532 8502 3828
Charles CAO
Mr. Cao joined Huatai Qingdao in March 2018. He was graduated as Ship navigation bachelor and as master of traffic information system from Dalian Maritime University. Charles has nearly 15 years of experience in the shipping/maritime industry, including experience of sailing, logistical work in COSCO Qingdao, and international shipping agency service, etc.

Direct Line: 86 532 8502 1891
Mobile Phone: 86 186 5327 0829

Ms. Cheng holds Bachelor's Degree of Maritime Law from Dalian Maritime University and Master's Degree of Law from Dalian Maritime University. After graduation in 2016, she joined Huatai as a P&I correspondent. Holding the Lawyer qualification certificate, she has been taking part in handling various P&I matters and is experienced in handling marine matters such as personal injury claim, container cargo claim, etc.

Direct Line: 86 532 8163 0611
Mobile Phone: 86 185 6131 2830
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