SPRO 1906--Follow-up Updates for Fishery Farms at Lanshan, China, up to Oct. 2019.
Circular Ref No.: SPRO 1906
Date: 16 October, 2019
Dear Sirs or Madam,
Subject: Follow-up Updates for Fishery Farms at Lanshan, China, up to Oct. 2019.
       Reference is made to our last circular (Huatai Circular--PNI1813 issued in Aug. 2018) on fishery farm claims at Lanshan, China. In order to keep our clients posted with the development of the changes in that sea area, we, from handling cases recently, and from consulting with local Oceanic and Fishery Bureau as well as the village committee of the local fish farmers, sorted out the key information and prepared this circular.

The Latest Sketch below of the Fishing farms off Lanshan (named as A-H)
1.The Significant Change–14 Fishery Farms Demolished from Fishery Area D
From our consultants with the local authorities and our relevant investigation recently, we were confirmed that 14 fishery farms have been demolished from fishery area D, which is requisitioned by the Lanshan port by as the fairway and navigation area. You can see the 14 fishery farms in the old Fishery Area D in the above sketch. Accordingly, the Fishery Area D is shrunk by putting the north boundary down to the black line between the two new points: Pt.1 and Pt.2.
For your easy reference, the coordinates of the two new points are as below:
Pt.1: 35°02’ 30.0’’ N, 119°36’ 11.0’’E
Pt.2: 35°02’ 18.0’’ N, 119°45’ 48.0’’E
2. The New Fishery Farm H Appears
In the past half year, we received several claims raised by the Owner of fishery farm H which drawn our first notification, please refer to the above sketch, and from our further investigation, it was said that there were other cases (not handled by us) happened in this area this year, furthermore, this fishery farm was set a Navigation Warning No. 0227 by Rizhao MSA on July 19th, 2019. Therefore, it seems sensible to remind Master’s special attention for this farm which is marked as Area H in the above sketch with coordinates as follows:
The coordinates of fisher area H:
35-10’01.66N, 119-54’03.38E
35-09’19.73N, 119-53’52.84E
35-09’19.65N, 119-56’42.48E
35-10’01.58N, 119-56’32.59E
3. Case Frequently Happened Again Recently in Fishery Farm A
Recently, we noted that, after silence for long time, the new cases frequently happened again in Fishery farm A, so we would like to draw your attention for this area which is marked as A in the above sketch with coordinates as follows:
The coordinates of fisher area A:
35°06’12.00’’N, 119°50’16.00’’E
35°03’18.00’’N, 119°49’28.00’’E
35°03’18.00’’N, 119°46’48.00’’E
35°06’12.00’’N, 119°47’30.00’’E
4. Others Fishery Farm Areas
For your/Master’s easy reference, we list the coordinates of other Fishery Areas as below:
Area B
35°05′41.18″N, 119°54′03.73″E
35°04′21.77″N, 119°54′03.82″E
35°04′46.97″N, 119°54′45.81″E
35°05′35.97″N, 119°54′45.75″E
Area C:
35°04′01.06″N, 119°52′29.91″E
35°03′26.77″N, 119°52′15.68″E
35°03′26.87″N, 119°53′56.63″E
35°04′01.14″N, 119°53′49.95″E
Area D (new):
35°02’ 30.0’’ N, 119°36’ 11.0’’E
35°02’ 18.0’’ N, 119°45’ 48.0’’E
35°00’30.00’’N, 119°45’48.00’’E
35°01’18.00’’N, 119°36’18.00’’E
Area E:
35°00’36.00’’N, 119°35’18.00’’E
34°59’42.00’’N, 119°44’48.00’’E
34°57’30.00’’N, 119°40’42.00’’E
Area F:
35°11’23.43’’N, 119°59’36.03’’E
35°10’52.35’’N, 119°59’36.03’’E
35°10’52.34’’N, 120°00’54.73’’E
35°11’23.43’’N, 120°00’54.74’’E
Area G:
35°10’ 52.40’’ N, 119°49’ 58.07’’E
35°10’ 10.63’’ N, 119°49’42.15’’E
35°10’ 10.75’’ N, 119°51’20.11’’E
35°10’ 52.34’’ N, 119°51’32.20’’E
In the meantime, we still have the following recommendations to ships calling or passing Lanshan port in order to minimizing fish farm claims:
In route planning, kindly take into account the fishery farms described in our latest circulars, with special attention and caution to area A and D (new). In addition, before the ship’s arrival at Lanshan port, kindly check with the local agent about the route to enter the anchorage and the port, as well as the distribution of the fishery farms.
The vessels shall maintain a proper lookout, and keep close contact with the VTS center and the pilot station. In addition, the Master shall not blindly follow the recommended route of the VTS and pilot station before the pilot attending on board. The Master shall in light of the available information, carefully observe the surrounding sea area, and pay particular attention to the working boats ahead affecting the navigation (there might be fishery farms nearby the boats), and then make the correct decision, as the Master shall be responsible for the safe navigation.
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