SPRO1610--Thefts reported at the anchorage of Tianjin port, China in recent months (This Circular is prepared by Huatai Tianjin Branch)
Circular Ref No.: SPRO 1610

Date: 28 November 2016
Dear Sirs or Madam,
Subject: Thefts reported at the anchorage of Tianjin port, China in recent months
(This Circular is prepared by Huatai Tianjin Branch)
We would like to advise Club/member that a number of thefts were reported by vessels which berthed at the anchorage of Tianjin Port in the past months. The thieves aimed at the vessel’s bunker, ship stores and spare parts etc.
The location of anchorage
The anchorage of Tianjin port is around 20 nautical miles from the port entrance, where hand phones maybe out of service sometimes.
The detailed condition
While vessels are dropping anchor at Tianjin port, thieves (not armed with any weapon) approached the ship in small boats at nighttime. It is speculated that the thieves disguised their boats as fishing boats so as not to raise any vessels’ suspicion. Meanwhile, thefts seem to be more rampant in winter times when it is relatively easy to approach the vessels due to high waves that may interfere with radar signal and fewer crewmembers are engaged in safety patrol on deck at night time.
The announcement of Authorities
It is reported that some thieves have been caught by China Coast Guard. The Authorities announced that those cases have not affected the Security Level of Tianjin port.
Our Suggestions
We suggest vessels which stay at the anchorage of Tianjin port implement additional security measures including but not limited to the followings in order to avoid unnecessary losses:
  1. Close the covers of anchor chains after dropping anchor;
  2. Turn on all deck lights and arrange cargo lights outboard at night;
  3. Keep all stores that placed on deck and/or out of accommodation secured, keep watertight doors of accommodation locked from inside;
  4. Necessary quantity of fire hoses to be connected with fire hydrant on deck;
  5. O.O.W. shall keep proper lookout on bridge assisted by radar with guard rings set especially in foggy weather and night time, regular safe patrol in accommodation area and on deck to be carried out;
  6. Keep mooring lines in store secured till the day of getting alongside;
  7. Give warning of whistle signal, call master and make necessary action according to muster list in case suspected thieves boats are found alongside or very close to vessel.
In case thefts happened on board anyway, vessels/crew are recommended as follows:
1. Do not touch anything that the thieves have touched in order for the police officer to gather the finger prints. Take some photos & video to identify each thief &their boat If possible. Start ship security button in time if necessary;
2. Call VHF CH 16 to contact VTS Xingang or China Coast Guard; call up the General Police Station of Tianjin by telephone No. +86-22-110(English language available 24hrs/7days);
3. Contact the local agent or P&I correspondent Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd. Tianjin Branch (Huatai Tianjin duty phone +86186 2266 0860 24hrs/7days) for immediate assistance.
4. Seek assistance from the Embassy of flag state if necessary.
Hope the above is of assistance. Any further query, please feel free to contact us at pni.bj@huatai-serv.com or tianjin@huatai-serv.com.
Best regards,

Cui Jiyu
Vice President
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