SPRO1604--Follow-up Advice on Requirement of MEC for Vessels from ZIKA Affected Areas by Chinese Quarantine Authority
Circular Ref No.: SPRO1604
Date: 18 March 2016
Dear Sirs or Madam,
Subject: Follow-up Advice on Requirement of MEC for Vessels from ZIKA Affected Areas by Chinese Quarantine Authority
Reference is made to our previous Circular (Ref No.:1603) on this issue dated 14 March 2016. Having checked with local authorities recently, we hereby update some detailed requirement as follows for your reference:
Vessels that the Requirement would Apply To
According to the notice, the requirement only applies to vessels calling directly from a Zika virus affected country to China. That means, only if the vessel’s last port of call is in an affected country, the requirement will apply. The notice doesn’t specify any time period in this respect.
Mosquito Eradication Certificate
According to CIQ, the mosquito eradication certificate should be issued either by local authorities or by third party disinfection companies at Zika affected areas, which should include vessel’s details (vessel’s name, port of destination, cargo on board, time of loading etc.) and description to the effect that “The Certificate shall certify the subject vessel was disinfected against mosquito before departure”.
We understand that vessels may not be able to obtain the mosquito eradication certificate from local authorities in Zika affected areas, as such, vessels are suggested to contact local fumigation company via their local agent for such services.
Mosquito Eradication Operation for Vessels
At most ports, mosquito eradication certificate shall be presented during port entry formalities; otherwise, local CIQ will conduct mosquito eradication measures on board. Meanwhile, whether the mosquito eradication measures still need to be taken for vessels with a mosquito eradication certificate shall depend on whether mosquito were found during CIQ officers’ on board inspection.
Normally, if mosquito eradication is deemed necessary, local CIQ will appoint a fumigation company or deinsectization company to spray disinfectant over vessel’s living quarters, which would take around 4 hours (2 hours for spraying disinfectant plus 2 hours for its volatilization) in total and is charged by vessel’s GT( around RMB0.05 per ton and may vary from port to port).
It should be noted that disinfectant treatments should anyway to be taken to vessels carrying steel scrap and the above fee rate is applicable; therefore, no extra expenses will incur to additionally disinfect Zika virus. That is to say, no extra expenses will incur for vessels that need to take disinfectant treatments in line with existing quarantine requirements.
We understand that the eradication operation can be conducted at berth in some ports, whilst at some other ports, CIQ advised the vessel can only get berthed after eradication if eradication is found to be necessary.
On Board Inspection of CIQ
When local CIQ officers attend on board vessels, they will check whether any crewmember suffer from illness and the symptoms. They also pay close attention to the living quarters (such as the kitchen, fore and aft deck) to see whether there are any mosquito, mosquito eggs and waters. Meanwhile, as the lamps attract the mosquito most, this would inevitably be checked by CIQ officers while they are on board.
Hope the above is of assistance. Any query, please feel free to contact us at pni.bj@huatai-serv.com.
Sincerely yours,

Cui Jiyu
Vice President
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