>>> What we do
We act as MSA approved agent on behalf of international ship operators to sign SPRO agreements in China in line with the requirements of China MSA.

We can---

Provide a full picture of the approved SPROs with appropriate level needed for your ships’ entry into and operation at a Chinese port, including their identity, qualification status, retainer fee rates, response tariff, agreement wording they can accept, etc., for your consideration and choice;

Negotiate with the SPRO where necessary on favorable fee rates and agreement wordings on basis of IG wordings;

Sign the agreement on your behalf upon your authorization and instruction;

Handle payment of retainer fee at the agreed rates to the SPRO if required;

Negotiate with the SPRO where necessary on fee rates and agreement wordings;

Please feel free to send your enquiries to us via
Email: spro.bj@huatai-serv.com
Mobile: +86 137 0112 5026
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